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Day Trip Queen

I've been taking my fair share of day trips these days. The day starts with the 3:00 am alarm followed by the perfectly timed drive to get to the airport to be on the 6:00 am flight. The day ends being on the 8:00 pm flight home followed by my sleepy drive back home. What happens in the middle is a variation of different yet the same.

While you may be asking yourself, why the heck would anyone willingly sign up to take a ridiculous trip like this, the answer is children. I have a one year old and a three year old. They are the highlights of life and when I leave for work, I add work onto my loving spouse. It is easier to suffer for a full day than continue the trip when possible.

While on these trips I interact with so many different people. When you really start to think about the amount of interactions when traveling it is astonishing. Starting all the way with the people you pass in the parking lot, TSA, fellow travelers, flight attendants, pilots, the uber drivers and so many more. It is wild to think that with so many interactions so many are not memorable. If you asked me who I sat next for 2 hours on a plane in a lineup I would not be able to tell you. We are so closed off the the serendipitous interaction these days. It begs the question should we be more open to interacting with our fellow humans?

The TSA agent last week told me when I didn't have to stand in line that he doesn't believe in rushing. It was maybe the most beautiful thing I heard all day. I may never see my TSA friend again but that sweet human connection will stay with me.

This was not exactly the blog I was planning to write but what if we took a moment not to rush. What possibilities would we open to ourselves?

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