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The Delay or Flight Cancellation

Reading the news and seeing all the flight cancellations I have never been more grateful for not having to get on an airplane this week. There is nothing worse when you are sitting at the airport for hours and you see the red notification DELAYED or CANCELLED. Your stomach drops through your butt, your mind starts to go through all the logistics of what is the next step. If you are lucky, you are still at your home base airport and you get in your car in go home. For whatever reason that is not usually how it works. You are stuck in a city that is not your home, so the panic and logistics sets in.

Recently I was delayed on my very long day trip home from Newark and there is nothing worse than being stuck in the small gate area of Newark in business clothes. I bought myself sour candy and ate the whole entire bag in a matter of minutes because I was stressed out. Was this the best next action? Of course not but you have to do something for yourself in a moment of helplessness. Also, the gate area of Delta and Newark is so small there is nowhere to go, and the food is not great. You begin to feel trapped, tired and bored.

The moral of the story is that for all of you delayed or cancelled during the crazy travel weekend, my heart goes out to you and maybe go buy yourself your favorite candy or a glass of wine to kill the time.

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