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The weird things you see traveling

When I am traveling through the various US airports, I will typically see something that makes me scratch my head and wonder what is going on in the traveler’s head.

This trip I saw a workout like mat on the ground at the gate heading to Newark, NJ. On this mat was what looks like a study setup and a backpack (picture included). The interesting setup was sitting empty which allowed my brain to truly meander down the what is going on here thought process.

How did this setup make it through security? Does this person know about a travel hack that isn’t on my radar? Where is the owner of this setup? Is this person not worried about someone taking their stuff? What is in the large three ring binder? Where is this person going? Why did they pick this spot to setup camp?

There are many more questions that I had that will never be answered since I never saw the owner of the interesting setup. I will never know if the stuff was claimed or if it is just a setup for the next traveler needing a ground mat to hang out at waiting to catch a flight.

Traveling is strange like that you are surrounded by hundreds of people at any given moment but never actually interacting. I must admit that I am queen of the earbuds after one too many long conversations with strangers that turned a little bit weird. I’m not sure it is the best way to travel, not interacting, but currently I am the silent observer sharing my thoughts and experiences here.

If you have any interesting travel stories, I’d love to hear them!

Weird travel at MSP
Weird things seen traveling

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